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The Inner View
Sunday, March 4, 2007

The reporter, Najwa Abdul Ghafar had interviewed her classmate, Nur Alia to track her classmate’s point of view regarding dugong and its importance. Bellow are the interview that had been captured, exclusive just for you!

| Q | Did you know that people have mistreated the dugongs by hunting for their meat,oils, leather, bones and teeth? What do you say about this situation?

| A | Yes, I’ve done some research on the dugongs and I’ve found out various information conforming the bad treatment that are given to these sweet, innocent creatures. Well, what can I say, human being are just inhumane. We tend to show our selfishness and lack of love and care. Most of the time, we think about ourselves more than anyone else... We must change that.

| Q | In your opinion what are the ways we can do to prevent the dugongs from extinction?

| A |The best way to protect the dugongs is by educating the society. We are the ones killing these innocent creatures. We are the one hunting and killing them for the sake of money. The government should make more campaigns not only to love the water, saying NO to smoking but also love and care for the animals. The laws should be implemented and all eyes should be open up wide!

| Q | Why do you think we should protect the dugongs?

| A | I think we should protect the dugongs because they are living things, just like us. We should put ourselves in their shoes. What do we feel when other people are cutting our air supply, leaving us to suffocate? They breathe the same air and live in the same world; we can’t simply kick them out of this world! Respect their rights! Respect their authority!

Interviewed by Najwa Abdul Ghafar
Published and edited by Ainaa Abdullah


[[ [D]eep[B]lue[S]ea ]]
How deep can you go? !
2:32 PM
This is not a good report, in the section regarding the importance of dugongs you had a good start but then went off topic talking about how the Thailand people. You want to answering the question, How are dugongs important to the environment, how does that affect us. What niche of the dugong helps the marine life etc. Please do this properly next time and most of the information is wrong. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOUR WRITE
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